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July 13, 2001 | 1h 50m


Drama, Thriller, Crime


Larry Clark


Brad Renfro, Rachel Miner, Nick Stahl, Bijou Phillips, Michael Pitt, Kelli Garner, Daniel Franzese, Leo Fitzpatrick, Deborah Smith Ford, Larry Clark, Nathalie Paulding, Jessica Sutta, Edward Amatrudo, Steve Raulerson, Judy Clayton, Alan Lilly, Cookie Collettti, Elizabeth Dimon, Ru Flynn, Jo-Aynne Von Born, Marc Pearson, Joseph Shrouder, Scott McHugh, John Parker, Phillip Ortiz, Lindzee Warren, Carlos Hernandez


Chris Hanley, Don Murphy, Fernando Sulichin, Jordan Gertner, Mark Mower, Manuel Chiche, Arnaud Duteil, Vincent Maraval, Robert Pfeffer, Guy Stodel, Peter Block, Jacky Lee Morgan, Brad Renfro, Clark McCutchen, Jim Schutze, Thierry Klemeniuk


Zachary Long, David McKenna, Roger Pulis, Roger Pullis, Jim Schutze


Based on the true-life murder of Bobby Kent, a Hollywood, Florida teenager who was murdered by his own circle of friends once they tired of being bullied around by him: Best friend Marty is stuck in a complex and abusive relationship with Bobby, and his girlfriend Lisa urges him to stand up for himself. As the bullying becomes more cruel, Marty is spurred into shocking retaliation, leaving the small community stunned and the children emotionally scarred.


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