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September 21, 2007 | 1h 51m


Comedy, Drama, Romance


Justin Theroux


Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Bob Balaban, Tom Wilkinson, Dianne Wiest, Bobby Cannavale, Christine Taylor, Peter Bogdanovich, Amy Sedaris, Martin Freeman, Catherine Kellner, Chris Fitzgerald, Jeremy Shamos, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Cassidy Hinkle, Jicky Schnee, John Conlee, Chris Misa


Celine Rattray, Galt Niederhoffer, Daniela Taplin Lundberg, David Bromberg, Justin Theroux, Chip Seelig, Reagan Silber, Luke Weinstock, Pamela Hirsch, Carina Alves, Jai Stefan, Jessica Levin


David Bromberg


Henry Roth, a misanthropic, emotionally complex New York author of a hit children's book series, is forced to team with a beautiful illustrator after his best friend and creative collaborator passes away. All messed-up, Henry tells kids that Santa doesn't exist, he hates sleeping with--and next to--anyone, including his girlfriend, and must lay on the floor, usually with heavy objects on top of him just to feel safe. As Henry struggles with letting go of the ghosts of love and life, he discovers that sometimes you have to take a gamble at life to find love.


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