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Denzel Washington is a hero with issues in Flight trailer

By Andrea Miller on June 7, 2012
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Though director Robert Zemeckis has, of late, aligned himself with the mo-cap movement (Polar Express, A Christmas Carol), he finds his way back to real life for Flight, what looks to be a tense, smart action-mystery starring Denzel Washington as an airplane pilot who lands a falling plane, is deemed a hero and then sees his life brought under the microscope with potentially dire consequences.

Reminiscent of the heroic actions of Sully Sullenberger, the captain who safely landed a disabled plane in 2009, except with some demons and human drama thrown in, Flight also seems to be a juicy role for Washington, who hasn't exactly been slowing down but whose recent choices haven't made a dent in the box office or appeared on too many critics' lists.

The film, written by John Gatins (Real Steel, Coach Carter) also stars a Jeff Lebowski-esque John Goodman, Don Cheadle (where has he been?), Bruce Greenwood and Melissa Leo.

Check out the first trailer now.

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