Nicholas Hoult & Teresa Palmer on finding love in a hopeless place

Nicholas Hoult & Teresa Palmer on finding love in a hopeless place

By Andrea Miller on January 30, 2013


So an unnamed plague has reduced you to a brain-munching, basically non-verbal, super-veiny, pale version of your former self, leaving you to shuffle around aimlessly, hopelessly, until YOU SEE HER.

Suddenly, life has meaning and just maybe there's something to look forward to in a world gone zombie.

Such is the premise for director Jonathan Levine's adaptation of the YA novel by Isaac Marion, a twisted look at star-crossed lovers a la Romeo and Juliet with R, British pretty boy Nicholas Hoult, and Julie, Aussie upstart Teresa Palmer, finding love in the hopeless place that is a post-apocalyptic airport on the edge of town.

A light-hearted look at the undead, refreshingly told from the zombie's oft-overlooked perspective, Warm Bodies is a romantic-comedy with a beating heart in place of social commentary (sorry Romero!) and when we sat down to chat with Hoult and Palmer we found out what made them want to be part of this fresh take on the well-known genre.

Check out our interview with the stars of Warm Bodies below. The movie hits Cineplex theatres February 1.


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