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QUIZ: All About Tom Hanks

By Rachel West on October 14, 2013

These aren’t the shiver me timbers, rum swigging, parrot on the shoulder type pirates Tom Hanks is up against in Captain Phillips.  The titular ship captain is up against dangerous and desperate Somali pirates who unexpectedly board container ship the MV Maersk Alabama, taking the captain and his crew hostage off the coast of Somalia in this film based on real events.

Captain Phillips is just the latest in a long line of roles for Hanks, who began his acting career back in 1980.  From his comedic roles in Big and The Money Pit to his Oscar-winning roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, Hanks always commands attention on the big screen.

How much do you know about Tom Hanks?  Take the All About Tom Hanks quiz and find out now!



All About Tom Hanks

How much do you know Captain Phillips star Tom Hanks?

tom hanks, captain phillips

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