The Conjuring

QUIZ: Haunted House Movies

You know the drill: secluded old house, creaking floorboards, things that go bump in the night.   Movies about haunted houses are almost as old as cinema itself.  As an audience, we love to be scared, signing ourselves up for 90 minutes of shivers and frights that make us jump in our seats.

Director James Wan, a man who knows a thing or two about scaring us silly with movies like Saw and Insidious, brings the frighteningly true tale of The Conjuring to Cineplex theatres this week.  In the film, Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), a pair of paranormal investigators come to the aid of the Perron family who are being terrorized in their isolated farmhouse by a dark and sinister presence.


The Perron family joins the ranks of the unfortunate movie families who have come before them, terrorized within their own home by unseen forces. 

Creaking attics, frightening basements, ghostly visitors.  How much do you know about these haunted house movies?  Take our haunted house movie quiz and find out, PLUS you can be entered for your chance to win a haunted house prize pack! 

Complete the quiz then let us know (in the comment section when you complete the quiz) which haunted house movie is your favourite and why for a chance to win 1,000 SCENE points and a haunted house-themed DVD prize pack!

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Haunted House Quiz

How much do you know about these haunted house movies?

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