Cineplex Entertainment is pleased to offer its guests CaptiView™, a digitally compatible closed caption viewing system, created by Doremi Cinema. The CaptiView™ system consists of a small captioning display unit with a flexible support arm that fits into the theatre seat’s cup holder. The high contrast onscreen display is easy to read and comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the theatre guest with minimal impact or distraction to neighbouring guests.    

Personal In-Theater Closed Caption Viewing Device

Once the CaptiView™ system is in place, it will provide guests who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, with more viewing options, including the ability to sit in any seat in an auditorium, receive captions in up to four different languages (provided that such captions are made available by the movie distributor or studio) and the ability to watch movies in 3D with captions.  As the captioning display unit operates using a wireless system, there is no interruption in the display of the captions if a guest stands up behind the viewer.   More importantly, the new digital technology will allow Cineplex Entertainment to provide captions in any auditorium in the theatre, giving movie-goers a greater selection of movies to watch. 

As Cineplex Entertainment replaces its existing 35mm film projection systems with digital projectors, CaptiView™ systems will be installed in most of our 130 theatres across Canada.  This process is currently underway and we anticipate that conversion will be completed by September 2012.  For a list of movies and showtimes in a theatre located near you, please visit  Movies offering this service are displayed with the “CC” designation in their title.

Please note, that even with CaptiView, if a film’s owner or distributor decides not to caption a particular film, Cineplex Entertainment will not be able to show any captions, regardless of any technology that we may install.  Captioning can only be done by the film’s owner or distributor – and cannot be done by exhibitors as we do not own the intellectual property rights to that film. As a result, we continue to encourage film owners and distributors to caption their films in time for theatrical release. 


The CaptiView Closed Caption “CC” Viewing systems are available at the following Cineplex theatres (in select auditoriums):


British Columbia


New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island