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Sandra Oh, Cheng Pei Pei and Don McKellar star in the EXCLUSIVE new trailer for Meditation Park

Mina Shum  is a celebrated Canadian filmmaker, and her latest story  Meditation Park  is sure to warm your heart.   We're excited to debut this EXCLUSIVE new...

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Greta Gerwig talks her stunning coming-of-age directorial debut, Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig  has been an indie film darling for years, but her directorial...

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jacob tremblay, julia roberts, wonder, interview,
Jacob Tremblay on his inspirational new film Wonder

Wonder is based on the best-selling children's novel that follows Auggie, a boy with...

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Justice League: Tanner tries out some of Batman's famous "toys"

We are pretty excited with  Justice League  hitting theatres this weekend! Fueled by...

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