Corporate Donations

Charitable Donations

Cineplex Entertainment believes in supporting the community.

At the local level, in each of our theatre communities, our employees regularly support local events to benefit the communities in which we operate. We are proud of our commitment to support the community and are delighted to participate in a variety of worthwhile causes.

Cineplex Entertainment only considers donation requests from charitable organizations directly and cannot support third party or employee fundraising campaigns. If you are a charity interested in hosting a film screening in one of our theatres, please contact Group Screenings to learn more about discounted ticket prices and packages based on volume. Given the amount of programming that is reserved in our preshow, we can only run public service announcements relating to our own charitable initiatives. If you are interested in running a public service announcement as a paid advertisement, please contact Cineplex Media.

Requesting a Donation

Donation requests from national, provincial or larger regional charities should be emailed to at least eight weeks in advance of the event. Please include the following information:

We also require:

  • The specific nature of your request, the date of the event
  • The complete mailing address, telephone number and contact name
  • The charitable registration number and registered name
  • A detailed profile of the charity
  • Details on how the donation will be used

Local Charity:

If your organization resides in a community where there is a Cineplex Entertainment theatre, please mail your donation request on charity letterhead directly to the theatre manager and include the criteria listed above. Theatre addresses are located in the Theatres section of this website.

Please note:

Cineplex Entertainment applauds the tireless efforts of the many fundraisers seeking donations for their organizations across the country. Each request we receive is given careful consideration by one or more Cineplex Entertainment employees who volunteer to serve on the company's donations committee. While the committee tries to respond positively to as many charitable organizations as possible, given the many thousands of requests we receive annually, we regret we cannot contribute to all of them.