Two slick safe crackers, Eddie and Jack Tucci, take down a safe at a business they were warned about. When Jack is unable to get out in time, he's caught by the police and is sentenced to 10 years, leaving his wife Melissa and son Wayne to continue life as aspiring thieves. With Jack gone, Eddie decides to put together his last big score using his nephew Wayne, and his firecracker of a girlfriend Jennifer. As is turns out Melissa has an idea of her own; take down a late mobster's hidden stash which could be worth millions. Against every instinct Eddie takes the mobsters stash down but Detective Ralph Parisi, who is targeting Eddie, gets tipped off. In a last and desperate effort, Parisi attempts to put Eddie away for good by making Melissa an offer: get your husband back, your son off of the hook and give me Eddie.


Chazz Palminteri


Dave Rodriguez


Richard Vetere