In swinging 1960s London, Laura Quinn is a bright, driven and beautiful executive at the London Diamond Corporation who finds herself frustrated by a glass ceiling after years of faithful employment, as man after man is promoted ahead of her despite her greater experience. Hobbs, the nighttime janitor at London Diamond who is virtually invisible to the executives that work there, has amassed a startling amount of knowledge about how the company runs over the years. Hobbs has his own bone to pick with London Diamond. Observing Laura's frustration, he convinces her to help him execute an ingenious plan to steal a thermos full of diamonds--not enough to be missed in the mighty vault, but enough for Hobbs and Laura to live quite comfortable for the rest of their lives. But of course, things don't go as smoothly as planned, and the two find themselves in the midst of an intense investigation, led by the driven Detective Finch, who, despite an instant chemistry with Laura, will stop at nothing to solve the crime.


Michael Radford


Edward Anderson