Trevor "Lucky" O'Donnell, an explosive yet charismatic young man has spent seven years in the State Mental Hospital for a crime committed while protecting his friend Eric. After seven years, Lucky's childhood sweetheart, Sheryl visits him to announce that she's now married, and tell him that his best friend, her brother Eric, is dying of cancer. With only 88 days before his release, Lucky escapes from the hospital to his hometown in Oregon. There he finds a despaired Eric lying in a hospital room awaiting death. Lucky convinces him to go on one more visit to an island in Lakeside, Oregon where the trio spent their best summers. Along the way, they pick up a reluctant Sheryl, who is torn between joining her brother and Lucky, whom she "married" as a child, or remaining with her husband, Matt. Matters are further complicated as both Matt and Sheryl's father Lou are in the police force. Matt and Lou pursue the three friends on their journey, unsure as to what they'll do when they find them.


Jack Rubio


Kirk Harris