On a slow night at the Baby Doll, a New York strip joint, Candy is perfunctorily performing to a most diverse, disjointed group: a corporate lawyer with a taste for the kinky; two loud-mouthed braggarts raising hell on the town; and a wheelchair-bound, shy man. This humdrum evening is quickly shattered by an ex-con brandishing a gun. This wired criminal wants cash and shoots the bartender, point blank, after a scuffle. The gunman then holds the customers and Candy at bay, forcing them to placate his capricious whims. As time ticks by, this madman toys with his victims, forcing them to dance at one point and to play a truth game at another. The late arrival of Candy's sexual partner Leticia adds further tension, and, by this time, the man is determined to retrieve the bullet from the dead bartender's head.


James Bruce


Peter Koper