When neuroscientist Alvaro Cruz's mother succumbs to Alzheimer's disease, he decides to take some time off work and reconnect with the love of music that he shared with her. While finding solace in the music that permeates New Orleans' French Quarter, he hears the mesmerizing voice of Una Vida for the first time. After repeat visits, he discovers that she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and that her unconventional "family" cannot cope with her declining health. Her musical partner and caregiver, Stompleg will soon be retiring to a home out of state and her adopted daughter, Jessica has troubling issues of her own to overcome. When Una Vida's condition worsens, Cruz puzzles his wife Angela by bringing her home. As they attempt to get her into the home care residence that looked after his own mother, one of her nightmares reveals that she was forced to surrender her only son to social services when he was a young boy. Together, Cruz and Jessica seek out Una Vida's long lost son.


Richie Adams