In the cradle of faith that is Jerusalem, two seemingly mismatched people from different worlds and cultures-- Vatican-appointed Jesuit priest Matt Gutierrez and Israeli archeologist Sharon Golban --make a tenuous alliance to investigate a find that not only threatens the very foundations of western religion, but also blows apart the region's fragile peace. Behind a simple hardware store on Hanevi'im Street, Sharon has discovered an ancient skeleton in a rich man's tomb. Its coloration indicates that the cause of death was the Roman method of executing criminals, and enemies of the state, crucifixion. And there are other signs which might corroborate Bibilical descriptions of the death of the first century Judean rabbi Yeshu Ben Yosef... better known as Jesus, son of Joseph. Now against increasingly difficult odds placed in their path by a power struggle, Matt and Sharon find their beliefs and identities tested, while risking their lives to penetrate the truth of this epochal discovery.


Jonas McCord