Deep beneath the German forest run tunnels, extending like skeletal fingers from an impenetrable concrete bunker. Soil soaked with the blood of ancient conflicts has weakened the passageways, long since abandoned by the slave workers used by the Nazis to dig them. On a stormy night, towards the end of WWII, a troop of German soldiers are forced to seek shelter in the bunker as Allied forces pummel the front lines. A brief but violent assault from the encroaching American army tests the nerves of the remaining survivors. When a period of tense calm descends upon the bunker, the war-weary men argue over strategies. As rest comes to shell-shocked bodies and minds, tales of a plague from the Middle Ages and unspeakable evils from centuries past seep into their subconscious. Desperate for an escape from the inevitable next wave of attacks, members of the troop embark into the tunnels, but fear unleashes madness and brings to life a war their souls have long been raging against.


Rob Green


Clive Dawson