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How do I purchase tickets online?

Visit; select a film, theatre and date. From there, select the showtime that you desire and proceed by clicking on it. You will then be directed through a step-by-step transaction.

How do I resend my online tickets?

To resend your tickets, please visit

How do I get my tickets if I’ve entered the wrong email address?

If you’ve entered the wrong email address, contact Cineplex Guest Services via phone at 1-800-333-0061 or via email at

I couldn’t print my confirmation page/print at home tickets. What do I do?

Not to worry, just bring your Booking ID as well as your transaction number to the theatre’s Guest Services desk or Box Office. They will then use this information to print your tickets.


What are the age groups for child, general and senior admissons?

A Child Admission is applicable to guests between the ages of 3 and 13. A General Admission is applicable to guests between the ages of 14 and 64. A Senior Admission is applicable to guests aged 65 and older. For children 2 and under, there is no admission price. If seats are required, the child may be asked to sit on the parent/guardian’s lap.

How much does a ticket cost?

Ticketing prices, by day or by location, can be found online at Type in the theatre of your choice in FIND A THEATRE and select the THEATRE INFO & PRICES link. Any and all ticket costs for that specific location will be listed there.

What is cineplex tuesday?

Cineplex Tuesday is a weekly event (taking place on Tuesday) that features a discounted rate for films. For SCENE members, an additional discount will apply.


Is there a service fee?

No. A service fee will not be applied when purchasing tickets at

Will my credit card information be stored?

No. Cineplex Entertainment does not store any credit card numbers.

What forms of payment are accepted for online tickets?

We accept: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa Checkout, PayPal and Interact Online (Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust).

What is your refund policy?

A ticket is refundable up to thirty (30) minutes into the showtime. Tickets purchased online are non-refundable.

What is visa checkout?

Visa Checkout is a form of payment developed by Visa to allow the use of any major credit or debit card under one account. Once you are enrolled, you enter a username and password instead of your credit card number and expiry. For more information please visit

Cineplex Store

What is the cineplex store?

The Cineplex Store is your at home or on the go, digital movie watching destination. The Cineplex Store offers 1000's of digital new release and catalog titles from major Hollywood, Canadian and International studios.

Rent or own your favourite digital movies and earn SCENE points on your purchase.

Watch movies instantly on your preferred device, including Windows, Mac, Android, ROKU, Xbox One, LG and Samsung Smart TVs.

For more information, and a full list of all supported devices, please visit

Scene Loyalty Program

What is the scene loyalty program?

The SCENE Loyalty Program is designed to reward movie goers with SCENE points that they may use to further enhance their experience. Guests may use their accumulated SCENE points and receive free admissions and free concessions upon redemption. In addition, cardholders receive a 10% discount on concession purchases.

How do i sign up for a membership card?

You may sign up for a SCENE card both on location as well as online. Visit and click on the JOIN TODAY button to create your account online, or visit the red SCENE kiosk at your local Cineplex theatre.

How soon can I use my card?

Immediately! As long as you present your temporary SCENE card, you can collect points.

What is my scene point balance?

Your SCENE point balance is the amount of points that you have available in your account.

Do my points expire?

Your SCENE points will not expire unless your account remains unused for two (2) years.

What should I do if my scene card is lost or stolen?

Immediately visit, hover over the MORE FROM SCENE tab and selected the LOST SCENE CARD option. From there, you may request a new SCENE card with a new account number. Your remaining point balance can be transferred over to your new card. Please note that Cineplex is not responsible for any lost/stolen points.

Can I access my scene point balance on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Once downloading the Cineplex App, you may input your card information in the SCENE section and carry it around with you on your mobile phone/device.

Do I get a discount on concession items?

Yes! SCENE members receive a 10% discount when purchasing concession items.

Do I get a discount on my movie ticket?

Yes! SCENE members receive a 10% discount when purchasing movie tickets for a Tuesday performance.

What if I forget to show my card during my visit? can I still get points?

Points for the SCENE membership card will only be awarded when your SCENE membership card is presented before the completion of the purchase transaction.

How long will it take to receive my scene membership card?

You should receive your SCENE membership card in two (2) to three (3) weeks.

How do I earn points?

You may earn SCENE points by presenting your black SCENE membership card when purchasing movie admissions or concession combos. In addition, you can receive bonus SCENE points by purchasing online at or at

How do I find showtimes?

There are two ways you can find showtimes online:
Use the Showtimes widget on the home page to select the movie/location/date that you want to see showtimes for and click "FIND SHOWTIMES"
Click on "SHOWTIMES" link on the main menu bar at the top of the page. You will be redirected to Showtimes Page. Please use the showtimes widget on this page to select the movie/location/date that you want to see showtimes for and click "FIND SHOWTIMES".

How do I know if a show is sold out?

For sold out shows, the showtimes will turn grey and the words "Sold Out" will be added. If you are within the ticket purchase and the tickets are sold out before you could complete your order, there will be an alert message to indicate that there aren't enough tickets available.

Where can I find a cineplex theatre?

Please click on the "THEATRES" link on the main menu bar at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can also click on the "Find A Theatre" link on the sub-navigation that appears when you hover over "THEATRES" menu item. Clicking on these will redirect you to the theatres listing page.

How do I buy tickets for a special event or screening?

Use the top menu bar under “Events” to navigate any specific series (e.g. Met Opera). You will be redirected to a dedicated event page. Please review the list of showings available and click on the Dates for any of those events. This will take you to the showtimes page, where you will be able to purchase tickets.

How do I find showtimes/buy tickets for a future date?

Please select a future date of your choice in the Date dropdown of the Showtimes widget and click “Find Showtimes.” This will return the showtimes for the selected date.

I would like to buy a ticket for a movie in a premium format (such as ultraavx, d-box, imax, etc.) how do I go about doing that?

If you hover your mouse over the “THEATRES” navigation, the sub navigation will expand to reveal more options. Pick the preferred format under Experience. If you click UltraAVX, for example, you will be redirected to the UltraAVX page where you will be able to find the Now Playing/Coming Soon movies in that format. You will be able to click on the “FIND SHOWTIMES” link for your title of choice. This will take you the showtimes section where you will be able to buy tickets.

Where do I find the admission pricing for various locations and formats?

Clicking on "Theatre Info & Prices" link on the Theatre Listings page ( or the Showtimes Page will take you a specific theatre page where you can find admission pricing information for available formats at that theatre.

Where do i find a list of amenities/accessibility features offered by a specific theatre?

Clicking on "Theatre Info & Prices" link on the Theatre Listings page ( or the Showtimes Page will take you a specific theatre page where you can find the list of amenities/accessibility features and food and drink options available at that specific theatre.

How do I book a birthday party at one of your theatres?

Please visit the Popcorn Parties page ( found under “THEATRES” to book your birthday party.

When the showtimes will be available for the upcoming week?

Showtimes are available for online ticket purchase by Wednesday mornings for the upcoming week (Friday to Thursday).

Where do I find a list of cineplex contests? (or) how do I enter a contest?

Please visit to find a list of current contests.



Does cineplex participate in the access 2 program?

Yes. Cineplex is proud to be a founding partner of the Access 2 program, which enables persons with a disability to receive a free admission for their support person at movie theatres across Canada.

Does cineplex entertainment charge a fee for the support person?

No. While the person with a disability is required to pay the regular price of admission, the support person is permitted to accompany him/her without charge when the Access 2 Card is presented at the time the tickets are purchased.

Can I use the access 2 card to purchase my ticket online?

At the present time, the cardholder must present the Access 2 Card at the box office to obtain a free ticket for their support person.

Can the access 2 card be used with cineplex passes, vouchers and scene® points?

Yes. SCENE® points and all Cineplex passes, including Be Our Guest and Courtesy Passes, VIP Cards, Premiere Cards, Admit One vouchers, Cineplex Night Out vouchers, Child Night Out vouchers, and all other Cineplex and corporate partner-branded Night Out vouchers such as AIR MILES® are acceptable forms of payment for the cardholder.

Can I use the access 2 card to attend movies in imax®, ultraavx®, or front row centre™ events (such as the met opera)?

Yes. The Access 2 Card can be used for all film and non-feature film presentations.

Where can I get more information about the access 2 program?

For more information, please visit: or

Who should I contact if I have a problem with my access 2 card?

If you are experiencing problems with your card, please contact Easter Seals at:

Toll free number 1-877-376-6362, ext. 227

Toronto local number: 416-932-8382, ext. 227



Do you offer captioning and described services on all films?

Cineplex can only provide these services if the studio or distributor releases the film or content with captioning and/or described content. The vast majority of first run films today are available with both captioning and described content. However, there may be instances in which either captioning or described content is not available at the time the film is released In addition, CaptiView and Fidelio are not available for most event cinema programs such as the Met Opera, the Classic Film series, live concerts and events, television programming, and other event cinema programming content.

Does cineplex offer captioning and described video services?

Yes. Cineplex offers both the CaptiView closed-captioning service and the Fidelio described video service at the majority of theatres across Canada. For a list of theatres that offer either service, please visit:

What is Captiview?

CaptiView is a closed captioning viewing system, created by Doremi Cinema. The system consists of a small captioning display unit with a flexible support arm that fits into the theatre seat’s cup holder. The easy-to-read display comes with a privacy visor so other guests cannot see the captions. For a list of theatres that offer this service or for additional information about CaptiView, please visit

What is Fidelio?

Fidelio is a system that provides descriptive narration for guests that are blind or visually impaired. Descriptive narration describes the onscreen visual elements in a movie between scenes that contain dialogue between actors. For example, it may describe what the actors are wearing, onscreen action or facial expressions that may be key to the plot. The system consists of a small handheld receiver and headphones. For a list of theatres that offer this service or for additional information about Fidelio, please visit

Where do I get the captiview or fidelio units at the theatre?

CaptiView and Fidelio units are available either at the Guest Services counter or theatre box office. Units are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I bring my own headphones for use with the fidelio system?

Yes, provided that they fit into a standard headphone jack. If you do not have your own headphones, a set will be provided to you.

Do I have to pay to use the captiview or fidelio systems?

No. There is no additional charge to use either system.

Does captiview and fidelio work with 3d movies?

Yes. Both systems work with 3D films.

Am I limited to where I can sit if I am using either captiview or fidelio?

No. One of the great things about the Fidelio or CaptiView systems is that you can sit in any seat you like.

Do you offer captiview and fidelio in english and french?

Yes. Both CaptiView and Fidelio can be used in English or French, provided that the studio or distributor provides us with either captioning or descriptive narration in both languages. If the film you are watching is in French and French captioning or descriptive narration is available, the service will be offered in French. If the film is in English and captioning or descriptive narration is available, the service will be offered in English.

What does “cc” mean?

The label “CC” refers to Closed Captioning, where guests who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing may use a display unit to receive captions. For more information about Closed Captioning, please visit

What does “ds” mean?

The label “DS” refers to Described Services, where guest who are blind or visually impaired may use small hand held unit and plug-in headset to listen to the descriptive narrative of the film. For more information about Described Services, please visit


Why aren’t Sensory Friendly Screenings available at all locations?

This a new program, so we’ve opened our first shows in a limited number of locations. We want to make sure we have the offer right before opening additional sites. If the program does as well as we expect, we plan to add a number of additional locations in future phases.

Will Sensory Friendly Screenings come to my local Cineplex theatre?

Cineplex and Autism Speaks will work together to determine which locations will host the program. If you would like to see sensory friendly screenings in your community, please let us know by contacting Guest Services (1-800-333-0061).

Why has Cineplex focused just on autism? What about people with other disabilities, who also have special needs?

While the program was developed in concert with Autism Speaks, these screenings are open to anyone for whom the environment is suitable. For example, children with other neurodevelopmental disorders. The goal of this program was to create a welcoming and lower-sensory environment – one we expect will have appeal to families dealing with a broad range of disorders and disabilities.

Can I still use my Access 2 Entertainment card?

Yes, absolutely! You can use your Access 2 Entertainment card for Sensory Friendly Screenings in the same way you would for any of our other films. Please see the Access 2 Entertainment guide for any restrictions or questions that you may have:

Will all films selected for screenings be kids movies?

We’re trying to ensure that we provide a broad selection of films for people of all ages that have sensory sensitivity. While the majority of selections will be family focused, we’re making a conscious effort to provide films that will be geared toward teens and young adults as well.

Will people with dietary restrictions be allowed to bring their own food?

We understand that there are a lot of special dietary needs within the autism community. If you or your child has a strict meal plan, we’re more than happy to accommodate and allow outside food where required. Our concession stands will also be operational during these screenings, and we’re making sure to have items like juice, water and other diet-friendly options available.

Food & Drink

Can I get nutritional information on your food offerings?

You certainly can. Nutritional information for our concession items can be found at
(Cineplex Concession Nutritional Guide)
Nutritional information for items available at Outtakes can be found at
(Cineplex Outtakes Nutritional Guide)

What combos do you offer?

Our theatres offer a wide range of combos. You’ll find more at

Are your concession items gluten free?

At the concession stand - our plain popcorn, butter, liquid margarine, nachos, nacho cheese, salsa, and drinks do not have gluten.
At Outtakes, our Extreme Nachos (both plain & pulled pork), french fries and sweet potato fries are also free of gluten.
At Cineplex VIP Cinemas, the edamame, artisanal cheese board (without crackers) are gluten free. Additionally, locations which offer the Green Screen Fresh Salads have gluten free options, with the Caprese & Signature Greens options. The Cineplex Caesar Salad can be gluten free with the removal of croutons.
The yogurt at Yo-Yo’s is also gluten free. However, many of the toppings contain gluten.
It is important that although these menu items are free of gluten, there may be gluten in the kitchen environment and we cannot guarantee a true gluten-free experience.

Is your popcorn vegan?

No, our popcorn is not vegan.

Is your popcorn kosher?

Yes, our popcorn has been certified Kosher.

How much are your concession items?

Prices for concession items vary depending on your location.

Where can I find your vip menu?

The menus for our VIP Cinemas may be found by clicking the appropriate link from the VIP pages:

Can I get a refill?

Our theatres do not offer refills for any of our concession items.

Can I bring my own food to the theatre?

Unfortunately we do not allow outside food and drink inside our auditoriums. Food service is a big part of our core offerings, and this policy has been put in place to protect our concession business.

Special Events

How are movies selected for special film events?

Decisions to show any program (series or single event) are based on a number of factors. All programs do not play at all locations due to screen availability, but we try to ensure that most locations have representation for our specialty programs, where we have the flexibility to do so.

How do I find more information about front row centre events at cineplex theatres?

Front Row Centre Events can be found on On this page you will see a selection of titles in the areas of performing arts, film series, music, sporting events and more. We feature popular experiences such as the Metropolitan Opera, National Theatre Live, Classic Film Series, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, WWE and much more. Please visit ( for a full list of upcoming events and their participating theatres.

Does my local cineplex theatre offer the stars and strollers program?

Visit to access a list of all participating locations in your region.

What is the stars and strollers program?

This weekly program allows parents to enjoy the film within a baby-friendly environment that features dimmed lighting, lower volume and other amenities. New films are introduced weekly to this program at select Cineplex theatre locations. Enjoy $2 off the regular admission price when participating in this event. For full details, visit

How are films selected for the stars and strollers program?

The films selected for Stars and Strollers are chosen based on different factors, such as availability and rating. Please be advised that we try to provide guests with a variety of genres each week.

Can anyone attend a stars and strollers performance?

Anyone is welcome to attend a Stars and Strollers performance. Please note: the $2 discount will only apply to persons attending with a baby/child.



Regional Finals at 24 participating locations , Championship Final (at Scotiabank Theatre Toronto only)

How do I register to play?

Registrations takes place through the WorldGaming website. You can register by following the prompts through our website at or directly through

What should a participant do if they are having technical difficulties?

Registrants or participant can get in touch with the WorldGaming team directly at:
- For general inquiries:
- For any general tournament related gameplay questions:

What is the structure of the tournament?

There are essentially three phases to the tournament. The first is to register online into one of the available brackets (online registration happens through Register for the participating theatre closest to you and then take place in online qualifiers. The winners of the online qualifiers move on to the Regional Finals. The winners of each Regional Final will then move on to the Canadian Championship Final taking place in Toronto.

Who to contact if registrants are having difficulties with online sign-up or gameplay?

Registrants are encouraged to contact WorldGaming at if they experience any difficulties.

What is the cost for watching/spectator tickets?

Spectator tickets to watch the Regional Finals are available for $9.50. These can be purchased online or in-theatre.

Where can I subscribe to find out about future tournaments and events?

Subscribe to find out more about future tournaments at

Which theatres are participating in the program right now?

There are 24 participating theatres for the program. Each will host the regional final on Sunday, Feb 21st 2016. Please see below for participating theatres:

Cineplex / WorldGaming Participating Theatres


Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill

Oakville, ON

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto (Regional Finals Auditorium)

Toronto, ON

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto (Final Championship Auditorium)

Toronto, ON

Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan

Vaughan, ON

Cineplex Odeon Gardiner's Road

Kingston, ON

SilverCity Gloucester Cinemas

Ottawa, ON

Cineplex Cinemas Scarborough

Scarborough, ON

SilverCity Ancaster Cinemas

Ancaster, ON

SilverCity London Cinemas

London, ON

Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo

Waterloo, ON

Cineplex Odeon Devonshire Mall

Windsor, ON

SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas

Sudbury, ON

Galaxy Cinemas Regina

Regina, SK

Scotiabank Theatre Saskatoon and VIP

Saskatoon, SK

SilverCity Polo Park Cinemas

Winnipeg, MB

Scotiabank Theatre Chinook

Calgary, AB

Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton

Edmonton, AB

SilverCity Metropolis Cinemas

Burnaby, BC

Cineplex Cinemas Langley

Langley, BC

Cineplex Laval (Colossus Laval)

Laval, QC

Cinéma Banque Scotia Montréal

Montreal, QC

Cinéma Cineplex Odeon Beauport

Quebec City, QC

Scotiabank Theatre St. John's (formerly Cineplex Avalon Mall)

St. John's, NL

Cineplex Cinemas Saint John

Saint John, NB

Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane

Halifax, NS

What if your closest theatre is not in the list of participating locations?

You can still participate in the tournament by choosing a different bracket location when registering for the tournament online at

Gift Cards, Certificates & Passes


Where can I purchase Cineplex Gift Cards?

Physical gift cards can be purchased both online at and at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre box office. Electronic Gift Cards (E-Gift Cards) can be purchased online at

Where can I redeem Cineplex Gift Cards?

Cineplex Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards are redeemable both online and in theatres. Their value can be used towards admissions and concessions at any of the following locations:

  • Cineplex Cinemas
  • Cineplex Odeon
  • Galaxy Cinemas
  • Scotiabank Theatre
  • SilverCity
  • StarCité

Cineplex Gift Cards are not redeemable at Alliance Atlantis Cinemas.

Are Cineplex gift cards available in funds other than Canadian?

No, Cineplex Gift Cards are offered in Canadian funds only.

Do Cineplex Gift Cards have a cash value?

No, Cineplex Entertainment Gift Cards do not retain a cash value.

Can I earn SCENE points with my Gift Card purchase?

SCENE points are not issued on the sales of Gift Cards but can be earned when making a purchase with a Gift Card.

Does a Cineplex Gift Cards expire?

No, Gift Cards do not expire.

How do I check my card balance?

You can check your card balance two ways. One, call 1-800-544-7573 or go to the Check Gift Card Balance page. When calling a PIN is not required. When checking your balance online you must enter your Gift Card number located on the back side of your card along with your PIN, found to the right of the Gift Card number. If you have not used your PIN number before, scratch your Gift Card to reveal the PIN.

What if my Gift Card doesn't have a PIN?

There may be some Cineplex Gift Cards that do not have a PIN. You can use these cards at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre. If you wish to purchase any products online, you must have a PIN and can call Guest Services at call 1-800-333-0061 to exchange your card.

What are E-Gift Cards?

Electronic Gift Cards (“E-Gift Cards”) work just like regular gift cards and may be used at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre and online through or An email containing the E-Gift card barcode and PIN will be sent to the recipient to begin redeeming.

How do I use my E-Gift Card?

You can print a black and white or colour copy of the E-Gift Card, or display a digital copy on any mobile device. A printed copy works exactly the same as a physical card.

How soon will my E-Gift Card get delivered?

All E-Gift Card orders will be delivered within minutes of the completed transaction. If your E-Gift Card is not received within 2 hours of your purchase, call 1-800-333-0061 or e-mail Be sure to check your “Junk Mail” folder.

I delivered an E-Gift Card to my friend's Facebook wall, why can't I view it?

Facebook privacy settings can prevent wall posts from being viewed.

Is an E-Gift Card on Facebook useable by people other than the intended recipient?

No, only the recipient will be able to access their E-Gift Card, or see the amount on the card.

What if my Gift Card has been damaged, lost or stolen?

If your gift card has been damaged, lost or stolen, please e-mail Guest Services or call 1-800-333-0061. If an E-Gift Card is lost or stolen, a replacement E-Gift Card will match the balance of your account at the time you reported your original card missing. The replacement E-Gift Card will be sent to you at no additional cost. E-mail Guest Services or call 1-800-333-0061.

Can I redeem SCENE points to purchase my Gift Card?

Yes! 1,500 SCENE points is equivalent to $10. Customers can choose the total number of points they wish to redeem use for the purchase of each gift card.

Can I use a Cineplex gift card to purchase another Cineplex gift card?

No. A Cineplex Entertainment gift card cannot be redeemed towards the purchase of another gift card.

Can someone else use my Cineplex Gift Card?

Yes. Cineplex Gift Cards are transferable and can be shared with family members, friends and others. Treat gift cards like cash.

How do I use my E-Gift Card?

You may print a copy of your E-Gift card, or display a digital copy on any mobile device to redeem at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre or online at

Is it possible for someone living outside of Canada to purchase gift cards for friends and family living in Canada?

Yes. Persons living outside of Canada can purchase and send E-Gift Cards to residents of Canada.


Can I apply a Cineplex Admit One, Great Escape or Child Adventure certificate towards an online ticket purchase?

At this time, the Cineplex Admit One and Cineplex Night Out vouchers are only redeemable at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre’s Box Office.

Do Corporate Certificates have expiration dates?

Single admission or concession Certificates are subject to expiry. Tickets expire on the date indicated (except in SK, QC, NS & NL or where prohibited by law). No time extensions are granted.

  • Admit One
  • Admit One 3D
  • One Popcorn

Bundled admission and concession Certificates do not expire. Products that do not expire include:

  • Great Escape
  • Great Escape 3D
  • Child Adventure
  • Child Adventure 3D
Is there a minimum number of units required for Corporate Certificate orders?

Yes, depending on what products are being ordered either a minimum of 25 or 50 units is required for an order. All certificates are sold in bundles of 25 or 50 and must be ordered in those increments.

Can Corporate Certificates be used at "NO PASS" movies?

At this time, the Cineplex Admit One and Cineplex Night Out vouchers are only redeemable at any Cineplex Entertainment theatre’s Box Office.

If I do not redeem my Corporate Certificates prior to their expiry date am I able to redeem my products for newer ones at a later date?

Except in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and where prohibited by law, Corporate Certificates are valid until the date noted on the back. No time extension will be granted on expired certificates.



A “No Pass” restriction prohibits the use of the following Cineplex Entertainment passes towards select movies and event admission tickets:

  • Be Our Guest
  • Premium Be Our Guest
  • Screening Pass


What is the timeplay interactive experience?

The TimePlay interactive cinema experience allows you to connect with the theatre big screen during the Cineplex Pre-Show, using your smartphone. All Apple, Android, and Blackberry (10.2 and above) mobile phones can support the TimePlay app.

Do I need to download an app in order to participate in timeplay’s interactive experiences?

Yes. You will need to download the TimePlay App to participate.

Where do I download the app in order to participate?

The free App can be downloaded directly from either Blackberry App World, Google Play or the Apple Store.

What if I don’t have the app downloaded prior to entering a venue?

There are two ways to download the App once you have entered a participating venue. You may download the App using your mobile network, or, Cineplex has installed a high-speed Wi-Fi network in participating venues which is FREE to join. Once connected to the “TimePlay” Wi-Fi network, go to and press the download button.

Which versions of operating systems does timeplay app support for smartphones?

The TimePlay App currently supports iPhone – iOS 5 and above, Android 2.2 and above, as well as Blackberry 10.2 and above.

How do I know which venues are available with a timeplay experience?

For a full listing of all Cineplex venues currently offering the TimePlay experience, please visit:

How do I participate in the timeplay experience?

iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices can download a free App for an enhanced experience. You will need to join the “TimePlay” Wi-Fi network to participate. Once you open the App, you will need to choose a nickname and enter your auditorium number, which can be found on your ticket.

How do I connect to the timeplay network?

To join the free “TimePlay” Wi-Fi network, open your phone’s settings, select Wi-Fi networks and choose the “TimePlay” network. For future visits your phone should automatically connect to the “TimePlay” Wi-Fi network when you arrive at the theatre.

How does timeplay protect my privacy?

Cineplex does not share or sell any personal information provided to TimePlay. To view our complete privacy policy, please visit:

Do I have to register with timeplay in order to participate in an interactive experience?

You do need to set up an account within the TimePlay App in order to participate. Registration is simple and quick, so set up your account early in order to play next time you visit a theatre. We will not send you any offers or rewards without your consent.

Do I need to register with timeplay to opt-in to receive a redemption or promotion?

Some rewards and/or offers may require some basic additional information so they can be delivered. We will not send you any emails unless you choose to opt-in.

What is mystuff and how does it work?

MyStuff is your own personal folder within the TimePlay App where you can store items that you earn during the interactive cinema experience; these items, such as prizes and rewards, can be accessed by opening the app and pressing the MyStuff button on the main menu. The MyStuff folder will display all of the items you selected and they can be activated by clicking on the appropriate item.

Why doesn’t my keyboard work with the timeplay app?

The TimePlay App does not support third party keyboards on devices. Only smartphones that utilize their original keyboards will be work with the TimePlay App.


What Is Vip Cinemas?

VIP Cinemas is a premium, adults-only movie-going experience. Please click here to learn more about Canada’s most luxurious movie-going experience:

Is Identification (I.D) Required?

A valid photo I.D may be required if requested by the theatre staff.

Why Does It Cost More?

Admission prices are based on upgraded amenities and benefits, which can be found here:

Why Is There No Senior Pricing?

Cineplex VIP Cinemas are a premium experience. Admission price is the same for all guests.

Why Can’T I Bring My Child To A Vip Theatre?

Cineplex’s VIP concept is available to adults-only, and offers premium amenities, such as a fully-licensed lounge and auditoriums.

What Food Items And Drinks Do You Sell?

VIP Cinemas offer a wide range of gourmet beverages, appetizers and entrees, in addition to traditional movie snacks. Our complete menu is available online at

How Are The Films Selected In Vip?

Films are selected for VIP theatres following the same process as our traditional theatres.

How Does In Seat Service Work?

Once you are seated in your auditorium, servers will be available to take your beverage or food order. Your order will be promptly delivered directly to your seat. Please note: In-seat service stops at the start of the movie trailers.

Can I Use My Scene Card In Vip?

Yes you can! The 10% discount applies to everything except alcohol.

What Is The Seat Capacity Of The Vip Auditoriums?

The auditoriums range in size depending on location. They range from 30 – 135 seats.

What Passes Are Valid For Vip?

VIP Cinemas accept all Cineplex movie passes. Additional surcharges may apply.

Are Cc And Ds Available?

The VIP Auditoriums have the capabilities to offer CC/DS. However, the studios must provide us the films with the CC/DS format in order for us to offer the technology.


Which theatres will have 4DX?

Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas & VIP (10 Dundas Street East, Toronto). We have no confirmed plans for further auditoriums at this time.

What is 4DX?

4DX combines full motion seating with environmental effects to make you feel like you’re in the middle of the latest blockbuster movies. Effects include motion, water, rain, fog, wind, vibration, air, lightning, bubbles, scents, ticklers, and snow. Learn more at

Are there any restrictions on who can see a movie in 4DX?

4DX is not recommended for anyone with the following:
High blood pressure or a heart condition
Back or neck injuries or conditions
Medical conditions or disabilities affected by seat motion or environmental effects
Breathing problems or allergies to scents or chemicals
Sensory sensitivities
Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants
Motion sickness
Persons under 3’4” (102 cm) tall

Are children allowed?

Yes, if they are taller than the minimum height of 3’4” (102 cm) tall. Children must be seated in their own 4DX seat and not on anyone’s lap. Use of booster seats is not permitted. Children between the age of 4 and 7 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Will 4DX damage my clothing?

Scent, bubbles and water effects may stain cloth, especially silk.

Can I bring food and drink into the auditorium?

Yes, but all beverages must be covered with a lid to prevent spills. Caution should be used with hot beverages, such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

What movies will be playing in the 4DX auditorium?

4DX will be programmed with the latest blockbuster movies. Visit to see what’s playing now.

Can I reserve seating?

Yes, 4DX features reserved seating. You can reserve online at

How much of a premium is it to see a film in 4DX?

A premium of approximately $8.50 is applied to the base price per ticket. For full pricing please see

How do I purchase tickets online?

Tickets can be purchased online at Look for films indicated as “in 4DX”.


Which Theatres will have Barco?

Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver (900 Burrard Street), Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton (8882 170 Street NW) and Scotiabank Theatre Toronto (259 Richmond Street West).

What is Barco Escape?

They are specially designed, multi-screen cinema experiences will feature two additional side screens, creating a panoramic viewing range for guests.

Does the Barco Escape experience play throughout the entire movie?

For Star Trek Beyond, guests will experience 24 minutes of exclusive Barco Escape footage across three screens throughout the span of the movie. For the remainder of the movie, the film will play on the main centre screen only.

What movies will be playing in Barco Escape auditoriums?

At this time, the premiere of Star Trek Beyond on July 22, 2016 will play, and tickets are available at the Box Office and on starting July 7, 2016. Future releases are confirmed with some major Hollywood studios. The film 6 Below starring Josh Hartnett, is expected to be released later this year which was shot entirely for Barco Escape.

Can I reserve seating?

No, seating for Barco Escape will be general admission.

How much of a premium is it to see it in Barco?

A premium of $5 will be applied to the base price per ticket.

How do I purchase tickets on line?

Here is the link in order to purchase specifically for Star-Trek Barco Escape.

Images of Barco Escape:

On Screen Advertising

How can I purchase an ad in the digital pre-show?

Please contact Cineplex Media at 416-539-8800, or

Film Advertisement and Ratings

Who can I contact if I don't agree with a film's rating?

The Provincial Film Review Boards set the ratings of films and trailers. Any concerns can be directed to them. Please visit the link below for a list of the Provincial Film Review Boards.

What are the definitions of the provincial film ratings and where can I find information about sexual content, gratuitous language, or violent scenes in a film?

Additional information alerting viewers to specific content should be available from the Theatre or the Guest Services department. Film classifications are set by each province's respective Film Review Board and vary considerably from province to province.

What does the rating "STC" mean?

STC stands for Subject To Classification. It means that the provincial film review board has not placed a rating on the film yet.

What identification is required for R, 18A, and 14A rated films?

Identification should be requested for all Guests of a questionable age by box office and ticket taker staff members. We also have the right to ask Guests for identification at any point of the movie-going experience. The accepted forms of identification are:

  • A Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate (with some form of photo identification)
  • New Health Cards
  • School Cards showing the Grade

These are the only forms of identification that include a photo and a date of birth.

Why is a movie advertised at your Theatre if it's not playing there?

Occasionally you may see a movie poster advertising a movie that is "Coming Soon." The movie may not necessarily open at that particular theatre. Please check the showtimes section of this site, or your local newspaper to confirm your movie selection.

Why do the ads on TV rate this movie differently than it is rated at your Theatre?

Film distributors, like Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Disney, supply the advertising for the films they distribute. Since many distributors are based in the U.S., their advertisements may reflect U.S. ratings.

Current Promotions

How do I redeem my Promotional Code or Voucher Code?

If your offer or coupon does not have a promotion-specific website associated with the offer, visit and select a film, theatre and date. From there, select the showtime that you desire and proceed by clicking on it. On the page where you select your number of tickets, you will need to enter your code in the section ‘Promotion Code or Voucher(s)’and click ‘Apply’ before continuing with the transaction.

If your offer or coupon has a promotion-specific website associated with the offer, go to the website URL that was given to you with your code and follow the instructions.

  1. For some promotions you will enter your Promotional Code in the ‘Promo Code’ box and click Validate. Continue with the transaction by selecting your theatre and showtime.
  2. For some promotions you will be directed to Cineplex Online Ticketing to select your theatre, film, and showtime before entering your Voucher code.
Can I redeem my Promotional Code or Voucher Code at a theatre?

The coupon will state whether or not the Promotional Code or Voucher Code can be redeemed at the theatre. If your coupon has a printed barcode, you are able to redeem in theatre.

What if I have more than one (1) Promotional Code?

A Promotional Code is a string of sixteen (16) letters and numbers. Each Promotional Code follows the same format. An example of what a Promotional Code looks like is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

When redeeming your Promotional Codes, you may enter one (1) promotional code during one (1) session on If you have more than one (1) promotional code, you must choose your preferred theatre location and showtime again and complete the rest of the online purchase to redeem your additional codes. You have a limit of 5 promotional codes per household.

If your code is a string of thirteen (13) letters and numbers, then you can enter multiple codes in a single transaction.

My Promotional Code or Voucher Code is not being accepted online at, what can I do?

If you receive the error message ‘your Code is invalid’ please re-check your Code and confirm that you are entering it correctly, and make sure that you are entering the code for a showtime within the valid dates of the promotion.

A Voucher Code is a string of thirteen (13) letters and numbers. Each Voucher code follows the same format. An example of what a Voucher Code looks like is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Please ensure you are entering your code exactly as it appears on your coupon, and that you are redeeming it for a showtime within the valid dates of the promotion. If your code is still not being accepted, please visit to contact us.

The website says my Promotional Code or Voucher Code is invalid, what do I do?

If you receive the error message ‘your Code is invalid’ please re-check your Code and confirm that you are entering it correctly, and make sure that you are entering the code for a showtime within the valid dates of the promotion.

If you receive the error message ‘that Code has already been entered’ it means the Code has already been used and is no longer valid. Remember, each valid Code may only be used once.

If you receive the error message ‘that Code is not valid for your selection’ it means the Code is not valid for your movie selection. Remember, certain promotional offers are valid only for specific movie titles.

For any other questions on invalid codes, please visit to contact us.

How many paid tickets do I need to select to redeem a 2-for-1 or Buy One, Get One Free ticket offer?

You only need to purchase One ticket for each voucher you are redeeming in order for the voucher code to apply. The offer or coupon will specific the ticket type you will need to buy (General Admission, Child Admission etc.)

I lost my Promotional Code or Voucher Code, what can I do now?

Lost Codes will not be replaced.

I never received my confirmation E-mail and tickets, whom do I contact to find out where it is?

For questions and issues related to Cineplex Online Ticketing please contact visit to contact us.

Can I use my Promotional Code or Voucher Code to purchase a ticket on my mobile device?

Yes, as long as you have an eligible Promotional Code or Voucher Code for the movie you wish to purchase, you may apply the Promotional Code or Voucher Code. The same terms and conditions for use of the Promotional Code or Voucher Code apply to mobile and online purchases.

Upcoming Film Dates

What forms of payment are accepted for purchasing the summer movie pass?

We accept: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Checkout, PayPal and Interact Online (Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank of Canada and TD Canada Trust).

Can I use a cineplex gift card or e-gift card to purchase the summer movie pass?

Gift Cards or e-gift cards are not accepted to purchase the Summer movie pass.

How many Summer movie passes can I purchase?

Each individual may purchase a maximum of 2 Summer movie passes.

How do I redeem my voucher code from the Summer movie pass?

Please follow the instructions in your confirmation email or receipt.

Do I need a cineplex and/or scene account to purchase the Summer movie pass?

Only select SCENE members who have a Cineplex account can purchase the Summer movie pass.

Can I redeem my voucher codes at a theatre?

Your voucher codes can only be redeemed at or through the Cineplex Mobile App.

Can I use my voucher code to purchase a ticket on my mobile device?

Yes, as long as you have an eligible Voucher Code for the movie you wish to purchase, you may apply the Voucher Code. The same terms and conditions for use of the Voucher Code apply to mobile and online purchases.


There are no limits on the number of transactions per day (Up to 4 voucher codes or tickets can be redeemed or purchased per transaction.). 

The website says my voucher code is invalid, what do I do?

If you receive the error message 'your Code is invalid' please re-check your Code and confirm that you are entering it correctly, and make sure that you are entering the code for a showtime within the valid dates of the promotion.

If you receive the error message 'that Code has already been entered' it means the Code has already been used and is no longer valid. Remember, each valid Code may only be used once.

If you receive the error message 'that Code is not valid for your selection' it means the Code is not valid for your movie selection. Remember, certain promotional offers are valid only for specific movie titles.

For any other questions on invalid codes, please visit to contact us.

I lost my confirmation email with my voucher codes, what can I do now?

Your voucher codes are stored in your Cineplex Connect account so please log into your account to access your codes.

Can I redeem my voucher codes towards d-box, vip, or event cinema screenings?

The voucher codes cannot be used for any of these experiences.

Can I upgrade my Summer movie pass?

Neither the Regular Summer movie pass nor the Premium Summer movie pass can be used to do an upgrade.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will not be issued after the first voucher code has been redeemed.

Do I get scene points when I redeem my voucher codes?

SCENE points will be issued at the time of purchase of the Summer movie pass.

Is my Summer movie pass good for movies with a "no passes" restriction?


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