Mirror, Mirror
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Mirror, Mirror

1h 25m




Baillie Walsh


Consula Cosmetic, Gena Germain, Hector Xtravaganza


Patrice Haddad, Baillie Walsh, Patricia Allard, Lilian Saly


Presented through its own dark humor, a documentary which probes the life of Consuela Cosmetic, a black transexual who is best described in her own words as, "a black male, self-made star, show personality, couture specialist, liar, cheater, scam artist, credit card fraud, blackmailer, extortionist, victim of circumstance, leader, role model, and a person living with AIDS." The film tracks the last eighteen months of Consuela's life, from her fabulous cabaret acts, to the creation of a living will, from her appearance as a dominatrix on the Charles Perez show, to the silicone removal operations necessitated by her own weightloss. Consuela, died due to complications related to AIDS in March 1996, during the film's post-production.