Playing for Keeps
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Playing for Keeps

October 3, 1986 | 1h 35m




Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein


Danny Jordano, Matthew Penn, Leon W Grant, Mary B. Ward, Marisa Tomei, Jimmy Baio, Harold Gould, Kim Hauser, Robert Milli, John Randolph Jones, Bruce Kluger, Anthony Marciona, Glen Robert Robillard, J D Rosenbaum, Frank Scasso, Lisa Schultz, Doug Warhit, Pete Antico, John Anzaloni, Anthony Arcure, Harrison Balthaser, Jack Banning, Ronnie Baron, Raymond J Barry, John Bennes, Joel Blake, Hildy Brooks, William Burton, Peter Carew, Timothy Carhart, John Corcoran, Scott Evans, Clement Fowler, Kevin Hagan, Jery Hewitt, Steve Hurwitz, David Lipman, Monique Mannen, Tom McDermott, Jerry McGee, Court Miller, William Newman, Brad Orrison, Charlie Picerni, Jeff Pope, Kelly Wolf


Alan Brewer, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Julia Palau, Michael Ryan, Patrick Wachsberger, Ira Phillip Halberstadt


Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Jeremy Leven


Danny, Spikes and Silk have just finished high school in New York City and are wondering what their next step will be. Danny receives the title to a big house in a rural community and gets the idea to refurbish it, turning it into a rock 'n' roll hotel. With some aid from investors, they're on their way. However, they soon face vehement opposition from locals, who resent the outsiders, and local politicians, who want to use the site as a dump.


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