Kaisa is a hard-edged, feisty young Scottish lawyer who has just received a promotion. Her mother calls with an unusual request: she wants Kaisa to go to Norway, pick up her alcoholic father, Tomas, and bring him back to Aberdeen, where he has promised to try an experimental detox program. The lure of the reward, Tomas' vintage car, outweighs Kaisa's discomfort with seeing the man who abandoned her family. The reunion is more bitter than sweet, though, and Tomas is unimpressed with Kaisa's fancy suits and sharp tongue. Kaisa, in turn, is disgusted with the odious drunkard who, she learns, has no intention of beginning a detox program and never did. Kaisa's mother has ambushed her. When Kaisa learns why, she is even more desperate to complete her mission. After the pair are prevented from boarding their flight due to Tomas' apparent insobriety, the unlikely couple has to spend much more time together than they had expected -- as they make the long journey to Scotland by car.