At a party celebrating the graduating class from the elite and affluent Horizons High School, we meet Jonah, who has always been somewhat of an outsider, unable to compete with the wealth and privilege of his classmates. That day, Jonah manages to catch the eye of the beautiful and popular Sara Weller. She is part of a very tight, hard partying circle of friends that includes the elitist--yet raunchy--Lucas Mitchell, consummate playgirl Erin Southerland and Sara's quintessential rich-kid boyfriend Troy Daniels. When the group learns that Jonah works part-time at the local pharmacy, their interest is piqued. Jonah's adulation for Sara and desperate attempt to gain acceptance into the group lead him down a path of lies, deceit and larceny, desolating his judgment and ripping open the lives of all in his course of destruction.