At 65, the gruff, macho Frank, who's been successful in the textile business, has entered a late-midlife crisis. His wife, Maggie, urges him to retire to Florida like may of his friends, but Frank refuses. Exasperated by their constant bickering, Maggie coerces Frank into agreeing to spend a quiet (and, she hopes, romantic) weekend at their favorite retreat in the Catskills. Meanwhile, Mac and Peggy, a young unmarried couple who are enmeshed in their own little war, reluctantly decide to rekindle what is left of their romance at the same weekend retreat. The young couple end up barging into the same cabin where Frank and Maggie are fast asleep. Jolted awake, Frank reaches for a handy shotgun, but once the couples realize how much they have in common, each begin to live their lives differently.