A comedy about sex, gambling and your mother. The story is set in present-day New York, Lower East Side. Three young women share an apartment. Leila is 28, sexy and a bit weird. Her roommates are Amina, a black outspoken young lady, and Stephanie, who has a dry sense of humor and is involved in a slow divorce. All three are hopelessly unemployed. Leila's mother has just died. That loss -- of her only relative -- has destabilised her a little, even if they didn't talk much anyway and Leila was already not too stable. To pay the rent, they take a fourth person in: the well-intentioned Gypsy who forgets to mention that she is out on demand awaiting a jail term. Then there's the calm, white Arnie, head over heels in love with Amina. He calls in the help of his brother Sammy, a bookmaker, to help them with job applications. Leila is immediately obsessed by his work and involves the other girls too in a completely new way of earning a living: crime.


Eve Annenberg