Everyone knows Sarah Jenkins as "Virg." She earned the nickname when she gave a speech in junior high about the legendary "Virgin Maid," Joan of Arc. Initially intended as an insult, Sarah, now a high school senior, wears the name with honor. As the years have passed, her infatuation with Saint Joan has deepened into a passion. Sarah now speaks French fluently, goes to daily confession, and reveals secretly, only to those closest to her, that she has begun to hear "voices" and see "visions," just like Joan. Her friends are concerned. Beth says she's delusional as a result of traumatic experiences in her past, the ridicule of her peers, a mother declared unfit, a father she has never met. Her mom, Violet, and Grand-mom (now Sarah's guardian) blame Christopher. He was the one boy who understood her and cared about her more than anyone. They even vowed to get married when they got old enough. Then unexpectedly, Christopher disappeared. To others, Sarah is regarded as darkly mysterious. When she gets a lead role in the spring play, Dave, a journalist for the school paper, decides to find out who Sarah really is. He convinces her to let him interview her to give the play some publicity. As he begins to discover the girl behind the name, he inevitably begins to care very deeply for her. Sarah's long suppressed desires begin to cloud her visions and challenge her vow. As opening night approaches, the visions begin to intensify. The voices get louder. Dave discovers a deception which has been perpetrated on Sarah and must decide whether to tell her, knowing how much it could hurt her. Sarah knows he's hiding something. She says the "voices" told her, but the closer Dave gets to the truth of the "voices" the closer he gets to an imminent danger; one that could not only destroy Sarah but their entire school.


N. Todd Sims