"Fagun Haway" (In Spring Breeze ) is the latest film by award-winning Director and Actor Tauquir Ahmed based on the story " Bou Kotha Kou " written by Tito Rahman. Based on the 1952 Language Movement, the film depicts the story of a romance amidst the backdrop of a remote town during the blazing days of February 1952. "Fagun Haway" brings a stellar cast to portray the story - Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Siam Ahmed are in the leading roles - supported by veteran actors Abul Hayat, Yashpal Sharma (India), Fazlur Rahman Babu and Rownok Hasan. 21st February has long been an integral part of the Bengali psyche because the movement was to establish Bangla as the official State language in 1952, and is celebrated every year to commemorate the movement. In November 1999, the UN has declared 21st February as the Official International Mother Language Day (IMLD) for the protection of all mother languages in the world in honor of this movement.


Tauquir Ahmed