Ricky Miller, the loneliest man in North America, finally meets the perfect woman, Danita, but there's only one catch -- she's married and she wants him to kill her husband. Even though restaurant manager Ricky has never even killed a spider, he agrees to do it, begging his best friend and accountant, Seth to help him. Seth is reluctant to help Ricky "waste a mofo," suspicious of Danita and her story that her husband is an abusive monster who will kill her if she ever leaves. Seth is relentless, even following Danita one day and finding out the "abusive monster" she described is actually an affable former rabbi, Ben. Is Danita telling the truth about her husband? Will Ricky go through with his plan of killing in the name of love? Will Seth put aside his suspicions and take a day off from accountancy and help his best friend "off" an ex-rabbi?


Ricky Blitt