Main character believes in the Baani and always try to resolve thing with the politeness but in the end a great revolution comes into his character where he realized sometime it is a duty of a sikh to raise kirpan against Evil of the society. Because to walk in the path of sikhism you have to be complete i.e Sant Siphai. The movie is totally inspired by the Bani and it teaches us to live life with a righteous conduct. The teaching of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj makes us fearless. All our Gurus taught us the way of service and sacrifice. Our thought behind this movie is to bring people close to the values of ‘Sikhism’, to inspire them, to become better human beings and to live a life of freedom and harmony. "Ik Onkar" as a title itself portrays the message of Oneness in the society.If we all lead our lives according to the Guru’s teachings we will be united by love. Our Gurus have given us the concept of Saint -Soldier. If we follow this only then we can establish the purest governance. "Ik Onkar', has been made under the banner of Nanak Films International, Directed by Aviral Raj Sharma, Produced by Talwinder Singh " Musafer". Music under the banner of Yelllow music and is about to distributed globally by Globe movies owned by "Vivek Ohri".