Shawn is a depressed twenty-something whose life seems to be going nowhere. She's been having a dead-end affair with her married boss and is fed up. Impulsively, she decides to jump off the roof of the bank where she works. As she gets ready to make the leap, charming ne'er-do-well Charlie is trying to pull off a heist that will finance his dream of living on a tropical island. When plans go awry and Charlie makes a fast exit to the roof of the bank, Shawn strikes a deal with him: she'll help him get away if he promises to kill her later. He agrees, but never plans to follow through with his end of the bargain. Together, they begin a race against time as the police relentlessly hunt them down. As she gets to know Charlie better, Shawn realizes she just might have something left to live for. But she's made a bargain and how can she back out of it now?


Dana Lustig