Ray Elliot, ex-confidence man, is for hire. Ray, a cynic with singular values, runs an alibi service for men and women who want to spend a little quality time away from their loved ones. Business is booming until the pampered son of Ray's biggest client comes along, and suddenly Ray is an accessory to murder. Caught up in the lives of several unsavory characters, Ray is forced to ask his new employee, the sexy and fast-talking Lola for help in masterminding the alibi of a lifetime in order to clear his name of murder--and put the ghosts from his past to rest, once and for all. The alibi business is very lucrative and Ray would be fine if it weren't for Wendell Hatch, the pampered son of Ray's first--and biggest--client, Robert Hatch. Wendell, who is engaged to be married, sneaks away to Santa Barbara for a blissful pre-wedding weekend and accidentally strangles his date, Heather--who is not his fiancée. Suddenly Ray is an accessory to murder, featured on the most-wanted lists of a savvy small-town cop, Detective Rebecca Bryce; a heartbroken chauffeur hungry for revenge, Hannibal; a high-minded assassin, who calls himself The Mormon; and his young sexy wife, Adele, who has her own plans for Ray. With Lola's help, Ray must mastermind the alibi of his career to clear his name of murder and put the past behind him. But even for a cool and calculating con like Ray, it doesn't always go as planned. This all-business alibi expert is about to learn a thing or two about love and other affairs of the heart.