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Manchester By The Sea

November 25, 2016 | 2h 17m




Kenneth Lonergan


Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges, C.J. Wilson, Heather Burns, Tate Donovan, Josh Hamilton, Anna Baryshnikov, Matthew Broderick, Gretchen Mol, Kara Hayward, Richard Donelly, Ben O'Brien, Virginia Loring Cooke, Quincy Tyler-Bernstine, Missy Yager, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Lewis Wheeler, Anthony Estrella, Susan Pourfar, Robert Sella, Ruibo Qian, Tom Kemp, Chloe Dixon, Carolyn Pickman, Oscar Wahlberg, Shawn Fitzgibbon, Joe Stapleton, Brian Chamberlain, Kenneth Lonergan, Liam Mcneill, Allyn Burrows, Brian A White, Erica McDermott, Frank Garvin


Matt Damon, Kimberly Steward, Chris Moore, Lauren Beck, Kevin J. Walsh, Ryan H. Stowell, Josh Godfrey, John Krasinski, Declan Baldwin, Bill Migliore, Katie Pastore


Kenneth Lonergan


Lee Chandler is a brooding, irritable loner who works as a handyman for a Boston apartment block. One damp winter day he gets a call summoning him to his hometown, north of the city. His brother’s heart has given out suddenly, and he’s been named guardian to his 16-year-old nephew. As if losing his only sibling and doubts about raising a teenager weren’t enough, his return to the past re-opens an unspeakable tragedy.


  • Casey Affleck Nominee for the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
  • Casey Affleck Winner for the 2017 Academy Award for Actor In a Leading Role
  • Casey Affleck Winner for the 2017 BAFTA Award for Leading Actor
  • Casey Affleck Winner for the 2017 Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor
  • Casey Affleck Winner for the 2017 Critics' Choice Award for Best Actor

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