All of his adult life Alex has worked for his father in the family business. Now, in the throes of a mid-life crisis, he wants out, he wants a change. Trouble is, the family business is murder-for-hire, and his father won't let him quit. Alex seeks the help of a therapist, Josh, and it's in Josh's waiting room that he meets and falls in love with a confused, sexually charged 23-year-old girl, Sarah. The tug-of-war in Alex's heart, between Sarah and his wife Martha, between himself and his father, between his old way of life and his therapy, starts to pull Alex apart. When he discovers that his father has already started secretly training his six-year-old son Sammy to continue the family business, Alex finally unravels and stands up to his father to protect Sammy. By putting the emotional welfare of his son above his own life, Alex is at last able to confront his domineering father and break the vicious circle of psychological abuse.


Henry Bromell