Parchi is a comedy of errors with a lighthearted and humorous plotline. The film is centered on Bash (AliRehmanKhan), who is an amateur profiteer, and his brother Bilal (UsmanMukhtar). The film revolves around Bash, who gets caught up with the wrong people Zodiac(ShafqatCheema) Gang] over the extortion of 20 Lakh(Parchi), that Bash stole from him. When his dubious uncle refuses to help him, Bash turns to Bilal, and friends [SaqlainandBhola]. With a twist of fate, the brothers meet and fall in love with Emaan(HareemFarooq), who has her own hidden agenda in helping the boys out. Will they surmount all the obstacles, that Zodiac throws their way, and get out safely? Or will Bash and Bilal save themselves from the whims of their tormentors?


Azfar Jafri