A single mom, Barb Stegemann, creates an unlikely weapon in the fight for world peace after her best friend — a soldier, Captain Trevor Greene — is axed in the head by a terrorist. Only now she finds herself in the battle of her life taking on corporate giants. So she creates a new way to fight for peace – Perfume. And with it, a worldwide movement that has transformed lives not only in Afghanistan, but Rwanda, Haiti and the Middle East. As well as that of her best friend, Trevor. "Perfume War" is a David and Goliath tale about a start-up social enterprise that rebuilds lives and empowers peace, inspired by one of the Afghan War’s most tragic victims. With an intimate and personal emotional core, it’s also an international story about a new way of fighting war: Not with weapons, but with compassion and ideas. This is the story of Barb and Trevor. The arc of their enduring connection is from hardship to catastrophe, through painful rebuilding, to finally transforming yourself and the world.