David (Xian Lim) and Kanika (Coleen Garcia) Santiago have the marriage everyone desires: the perfect supportive partner with the perfect passionate sex life. It is paradise in each other’s arms. But when David’s career tanks, all hell breaks lose. With Kanika’s blossoming career and David’s downward spiral, the couple drifts apart. Kanika seeks solace in the comforts of Captain Stephen, her co-worker. Although she tries to stop herself, her feelings for Stephen blaze. David finds out about Kanika’s transgressions. He flees to Sinilaban Island…the secluded paradise where people come to sin. There he meets Tasha, a vibrant woman nursing a broken heart. There is instant chemistry between the two. Soon, David succumbs to the island’s seductive allure and engages in a carnal affair with Tasha. After realizing that she still loves David, Kanika follows David to Sinilaban island. But when the couple comes face to face, all their secrets and sins come out. Who sinned worse? The woman who became emotionally attached to another man, or the man who physically cheated with another woman? Despite their mistakes, David and Kanika decide to rebuild their relationship. However, Tasha decides to wreak havoc on their marriage. Tasha wants David, and she’ll do anything and everything to win him. Can David and Kanika find their way back to the paradise of their love?


Gino Santos