Johnny, a restless Lakota teen, and his spirited sister Jashuan, live with their troubled mother on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. While Johnny looks for ways to escape his nihilistic life on the reservation by moving to LA with his girlfriend, Jashuan is holding onto faith in the community and the simple pleasures she finds there. Things start to change after the funeral of their estranged cowboy father and Johnny's reckless behavior begins to catch up with him. After finding out about Johnny's plan to leave, Jashuan wanders away from her ruptured home life, exploring the rodeo world of her late father and forming an unlikely friendship with an ex-con. Jashaun's spirit is put to the test as she witnesses the self-destructive nature of those around her. While Johnny, who finds himself in a fight he can't win, is in danger of losing all those he holds dear.


Chloé Zhao