Hidden in the majestic redwoods of northern California, Zambesi Glen is an exclusive, rustic retreat and summer home-away-from-home, for a group of insanely powerful, rich, untouchable, mostly old, always white men, who decide the fate of nations and networks, universities and law firms. Stripped of the niceties required by the presence of their mistresses, wives and daughters, these pillars of society bond and cut loose like sophomores on an unlimited budget. They drink heavily, swear profusely, gambol naked in the woods, urinate communally, perform secret rituals, hatch plots to protect one another at the public's expense, sing badly and, in a grand tradition, put on musical "frolics" in drag. Unfortunately for the Glen's stalwart denizens, times are changing. Womenfolk are now included in a special luncheon and tour, feminists protest noisily at the gate, the media makes sport of them. Even worse, Zambesi Glen's iron clad code of secrecy is breached and its very existence imperiled.


Harry Shearer