Upon the lips of a dying woman, an unheard whisper of impending doom foretells the tale of Hugh and Lucy Stanton. Struggling with the unexplained death of his wife, Hugh Stanton clings to Lucy, his beautiful 15 year-old daughter. Since her mother's death, Lucy has fallen into a depression that she cannot overcome. That is, until a mysterious photographer and modeling agent show up offering her a trip to Italy to pursue a modeling career. The two describe Lucy as having the "face of an angel" insisting that with their guidance she will be the modeling world's next big discovery. Hugh reluctantly gives in to the modeling plan and accepts a job in Italy. Once in Italy, Hugh get an eerie, ominous feeling. Unexplainable things begin to happen and Lucy begins to act stangely. As Hugh begins to piece all the clues together, he comes to the horrifying realization that his daughter is in extreme danger of losing not only her life, but also her soul.


Bill Bindley