It is cold in Rains' basement, but the dull glow of his video monitor keeps him warm. He is looking for someone, someone exceptional to take his place, to carry on the divine work he has begun. Small time mob enforcer Truman Fisher has a problem: a sadistic assassin with a mythical reputation has chosen him as his successor. When the ghostly killer abducts his boss's nephew Ricky, Truman is put on the trail. From that moment, he is caught in an explosive web of good and evil, trapped in a double life of who he is and who he wants to be. With only one lead to go on, he desperately enlists a rogue's gallery of underworld contacts to help him track down this legendary assassin known as Rains. Some say he's a myth, others say he's as real as he wants to be. The closer Truman gets to the truth, the higher the stakes become. Rains is watching him, hunting him, waiting to strike. Realizing that he is way over his head, Truman takes his girlfriend and tries to make a run for it. Unfortunately for them, the mad man has one final test for his prodigy.