“Vadda Kalakaar” is a period drama based on the rural life of Punjab in the 1980’s, when VCRs were introduced and people went crazy to watch them. Makhan and his father are crazy for films and film stars, yet his mother hates them. Makhan is madly in love with Malki, but there relationship faces a lot of challenges and under much pressure and burden Makhan is made to believe his childhood friend Kaanta, who tells him that he could make him the next “Superstar”. In order to make things right, Kanta sets off to get a film crew who will turn Makhan’s dreams into a reality. Will Makhan ever be able to finish his film and become a Superstar? And will Malki ever except him as the celebrity person he has become? Many more twists and surprises in this madcap comedy film within a film await the audiences.