Vekh Barataan Challiyan is the story of two families belonging to two different states, a Jatt Sikh family from Punjab and a Hindu Jaat family from Haryana. The story revolves around two protagonists belonging to these two families, divided by cultures, but united by their love for each other. Jaggi is a bus conductor and Sarla is a passenger on his bus and they both fall for each other and eventually decide to get married. Sarla's father is a staunch believer of astrology and puts down a condition that he will accept Jaggi only if his horoscope matches with that of Sarla. The astrologer says that since Jaggi is a strong Manglik and Sarla is not, if they get married, Sarla will either die or suffer ill health for the rest of her life and suggests that in such a situation, the manglik person has to first get married to a bitch first. After that Suman can get married to Jaggi, without any hassles. Jaggi now gets married to a bitch and that's when the real problems start. If and how Jaggi and Sarla overcome these problems and the comic situations that develop as result of their attempts, unfolds the story into a hilarious and eventful journey.