Prepare to head bang as Award-winning director Norbert Heitker hands you an all access pass into the most iconic Metal Festival in the World - Wacken. Filmed with 18 stereoscopic 3D cameras, WACKEN 3D - LOUDER THAN HELL lets you experience what it’s like to walk on stage with DEEP PURPLE, see the curtain rise, and during the first few bars of “Smoke on the Water”, float above an endless sea of people while the sun sets. Crowd-surf and mud dive, in this party frenzy festival documentary that puts you center stage with ANTHRAX, MOTORHEAD, RAMMSTEIN, ANNIHILATOR, ALICE COOPER, HENRY ROLLINS and many more. Witness the showmanship, raw energy, and euphoria as the biggest bands of metal play on the biggest stage in metal. Surprising, funny, noisy and uninhibited. This is an absolute must-see for every metal fan in the world!