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#Movie Social Scene: J.J. Abrams Star Wars reactions, Sundance Film Fest Updates and more!

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The force seems to be strong with director J.J. Abrams. First he reboots Star Trek, and now, word on the space station is that he’s been chosen to do the same for the new Disney-owned Star Wars. Well, the social sphere has responded.

Lord of the Rings actor Dominic Monaghan and Source Code director Duncan Jones were just a few of the scattered industry tweets that popped up after the news broke yesterday. Both seemed to support it; Monaghan saying that Abrams will ”CRRRRRRUSH it” and Jones wishing the “Lost” director congratulations on the new venture.

Bryan Greenberg (“How to Make It in America”) was also online with some wit, using the comical hashtag #LiveLongBeWithYou (combining the Star Trek “Live Long And Prosper” and the Star Wars “May The Force Be With You” mottos).

Check out a few other reactions below:

Whether skiing or screening, crowds of celebrities have migrated to Utah for this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Jane Lynch and Oprah Winfrey were two of many in attendance and took to Twitter to praise their own films.

Lynch is at the independent movie festival with her two pictures Adult Children of Divorce and Afternoon Delight, and tweeted a few kind words following the screening of the latter. Afternoon Delight is written and directed by one of Lynch’s good friends Jill Soloway, and has the actress playing a therapist who tries to counsel a bored house wife.

Winfrey also made an appearance at Sundance, as executive producer for the documentary Running from Crazy. Directed by Barbara Kopple, the doc chronicles the Hemingway family history of mental illness, by following the personal journey of model and actress Mariel Hemingway.

Social Snapshot of the Week

This week’s social snapshot goes to Logan Lerman’s behind-the-scenes picture from the final day of shooting for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The Twitter photo shows the lead star on what appears to be a platform in front of a giant green screen. Lerman’s also holding two objects (which might end up being his character’s weapons). Looks like we’re in for an interesting CGI concoction for the sequel fantasy film. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has an initial release date of Aug. 14 this summer.

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