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#Movie Social Scene: Twitter Reacts To Obama’s Victory, Pixar Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs and More!

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After months of campaigning, President Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States of America this past Tuesday night, beating out adversary Republican Mitt Romney.

By evening’s end, it was social media that stood out among all other communication platforms, with Twitter providing an outlet for candidate messages, reporter analyses and public debates. According to Twitter spokeswoman Rachael Horwitz, the site experienced over 31 million election-related tweets, making the night “the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history.” Tons of film industry icons were part of the frenzy on Twitter in the moments following Obama’s victory, from director Spike Lee to actress Jessica Alba. Some tweets were funny, some were serious, but above all, the messages were a testament to the first “Twitter Election.” (Make sure to take note of Ben Stiller’s ability to comically “get to the point”).


If you ever decide to visit the magical campus of Pixar Animation Studios, you’ll now see the name “Steve Jobs” above the main building’s entrance.

A Pixar employee tweeted an image of the new overhead sign titled “The Steve Jobs Building,” which remains to be a tribute to the Apple co-founder’s death last year, and his key role in the studio’s success.

According to The Pixar Times, Jobs became a majority shareholder in Pixar in 1986, and financed the studio through its early struggle, before it found undeniable success with 1995’s Toy Story. He then became a board member for Disney, when Pixar was purchased by the mouse house giant in 2006. The studio commemorated Jobs during the end credits of their most recent film Brave, but now Jobs has a more grand tribute on the Pixar playground.


After the fan favorite Iron Baby video, director Patrick Boivin has decided to follow that up with a Kill Bill-inspired film Dragon Baby. The parody features Boivin’s son dressed up in a yellow and black jumpsuit, fighting off a martial arts-trained stuffed dragon toy. There’s even a reference to Kill Bill Vol. 2’s “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.” Bottom line, this could arguably be one of the greatest fight sequences...of all time.

Check it out:


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