5 reasons to see Call Me By Your Name

5 reasons to see Call Me By Your Name

One of the most acclaimed films of the year is finally available to watch at home!

Luca Guadagnino has made a name for himself as a sensual director. All of his films have a lusciousness to them that is unparalleled by any other filmmaker, and we couldn't imagine someone better suited than him for this gorgeous love story that also acts as a coming of age.

The film follows Elio, a seventeen year-old spending the summer in Italy with his family. When his father's research assistant Oliver comes to live with them, Elio finds himself almost instantly infatuated with him, and so begins a summer romance. 

The film earned four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Original Song, and Best Adapted Screenplay which it won, making screenwriter James Ivory the oldest person to ever win a competitive Oscar at age 89If that doesn't convince you, we have five reasons why you need to watch Call Me By Your Name.

The romance

We can't think of a more romantic film in recent memory than Call Me By Your Name. The way these two characters so naturally and swiftly fall for one another, over the course of a hot and humid summer, makes for something out of a daydream. There's a magic to their story, this sense of something forbidden and secretive, but that receives so much care from everyone in the film. Who can resist two beautiful people falling in love?

The music

The music in this film just adds to its magic. Gorgeous piano scores met with original songs written by Sufjan Stevens, that truly captures a very specific mood that the film sets. It also adds to its appeal that the character of Elio plays a lot of the music in the film, meaning that Timothee Chalamet actually was on the piano and guitar for a lot of his scenes.


Luca Guadagnino made a smart decision setting the film in his own hometown of Crema, Italy. The location of the film is a large part of the story. It's hot, romantic, and historical. It also leaves these two characters secluded in a beautiful Italian home, where they're almost forced to spend quality time together. After watching this film, you'll likely be tempted to travel to Northern Italy for your next vacation.

The cast

Guadagnino casted Chalamet and Armie Hammer on a whim, trusting in a gut instinct that the two would have intense chemistry. He probably couldn't have anticipated the sparks that would fly between them, as you can truly believe that these two would fall in love. Not only that, but Michael Stuhlbarg gives some of his best work as Elio's father, an extremely pivotal role that impacts the film and adds a layer of idealism, that of an accepting father who wants the best for his child. 

The ending

As beautiful as the film is the whole way through, the ending is what will hit the hardest. It's nothing dramatic or climactic, but it is profoundly moving. Between Stuhlbarg's big monologue, which elevates and validates everything we've just seen unfold, and the ending credits that are bound to move you to tears, the weight of this love story will really hit you, leaving you thinking about your first romance and what it meant to you.

Call Me By Your Name is available to buy or rent at the Cineplex Store!