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5 reasons to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

With multiple awards and Oscar nominations, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a must-see this year.

The film stars Frances McDormand as Mildred Hayes, the mother of a teenage girl who was brutally raped and murdered seven months ago. Furious that the local police department seems to have forgotten about the case, which was never solved, Mildred rents three billboards on a rural road calling out the Sheriff for not doing enough for her daughter's case. This causes a stir in their small town, and re-opens the case. It's a simple enough premise, but from there the story spirals into a complex web of relationships and escalating tensions within the townspeople, echoing many themes we're seeing play out in U.S. politics today.

Here are our five reasons to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri:

Martin McDonagh knows dark comedy

From the director of In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, we knew we'd be in good hands for Three Billboards. McDonagh has a unique brand of comedy that often balances some very serious and dark situations. While the premise of Three Billboards is definitely bleak, the film is infused with sharp dialogue, comedic characters, and even some heartwarming moments. The film evenly balances its darkness with its humour, meaning you can never get too sad for too long before you're laughing again, often at things you may feel guilty laughing at.

It's extremely relevant

A film about rape, police brutality and seeking justice is extremely relevant, especially in our current climate. Here's a film with a heroic female lead, confronting the legal system, and fighting for what is right. This is a reflection of so much of what's going on culturally right now, and that makes for good timing for a film like this to be recognized and rewarded.

The cast

Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Lucas Hedges, Abbie Cornish, Peter Dinklage, Caleb Landry Jones, and John Hawkes, are all in one movie. That's an epic cast, and that's not even including our lead Frances McDormand (more on her later). This cast jibes together so perfectly, and they truly feel like they belong in small town Missouri. We're definitely expecting some Oscar attention for McDormand and Rockwell's performances, but honestly all the acting in this film is memorable.

The buzz

Three Billboards has received plenty of awards already, from the Golden Globes, Critic's Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild, BAFTAs, and much more. It's become the film to beat in the Oscar race and we think it has Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor locked up, plus a very decent chance at Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture.

Frances McDormand

The role of Mildred Hayes was made for Frances McDormand. Rumour has it that McDonagh had her in mind for the role from the beginning, and we're so glad she agreed to play the part. There simply is no other actress who has the demeanour, the charisma, or the razor sharp quality that McDormand has. Her every line delivery is piercing. She is a force of nature who seems destined to pick up the Best Actress Oscar for this role. Three Billboards is worth watching for her performance alone.

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