Anchorman 2 adds Wiig; becomes de facto funniest movie of the year

Anchorman 2 adds Wiig; becomes de facto funniest movie of the year

Will Ferrell's best movie to date - sorry Step Brothers and Talladega Nights and you owe US an apology Blades of Glory and Semi-Pro - is getting a sequel that most thought would never happen, including its star and co-writers Ferrell and Adam McKay.

After the surprise success of Anchorman way back in 2004, and about two years straight of hearing Ron Burgundy's non sequiturs screamed wherever college boys were partying, part two is finally underway, and in addition to its core cast of Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner and Christina Applegate, the hilarious Kristen Wiig has been added to the funny, funny fold all but guaranteeing that Anchorman: The Legend Continues will live up to its silly, boastful title.

As per a tweet from Applegate ("So excited Kristen Wiig has joined our cast for anchorman2. Going 2 b best movie ever made. Besides the best movies ever made."), the news was confirmed by McKay, the movie's director, via Facebook, who said he "couldn't be more excited."

Wiig is set to play the love interest of dullard Brick Tamland (Carrell) and considering her comedic skills are such that she'll do anything for a laugh and is as good at acting like an aloof snob (Knocked Up) to a going-nowhere thirtysomething (Bridesmaids), we're sure that whatever she does with the role will have us wiping away tears of pure joy.

It seems unfair that we should have to wait until almost next Christmas to watch what will likely be 2013's best comedy, but good things come to yada yada yada. Let's use this happily goofy Wiig-Ferrell ad-libbed Golden Globes intro to sate us for the moment.

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