#AvengersAssemble: Twitter unlocks new Age of Ultron trailer

#AvengersAssemble: Twitter unlocks new Age of Ultron trailer

We thought Marvel would launch the next Age of Ultron trailer on Thursday, but Twitter united under the hashtag “#AvengersAssemble,” unlocking the preview a full day early.

The trailer does a better job explaining the Age of Ultron plot than its predecessors. It appears as if Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) tried to implement an artificial intelligence peace-keeping program, but his good intentions and research, unfortunately, become hijacked by James Spader’s Ultron.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow gets a lot of screentime in this iteration of the Age of Ultron sneak peek, featuring a new superhero suit – what’s with the new blue power lines? – possible possession, probable romantic interludes, and a lot of picking up after her Avengers colleagues.

Avengers: Age of Ultron plays Cineplex theatres everywhere on May 1, and also stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, and Mark Ruffalo.


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