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Billy Crystal, Bette Midler offer Parental Guidance in new trailer

The holidays are a time for family togetherness, the spirit of giving, forgiveness and being thankful for what we all have coursing through one's veins...until everyone actually tries to sit down for a meal together and realizes that they can't agree on anything and tempers flare.

Even the combined power of Billy Crystal and Better Midler is no match for helicopter parents Alice (Marisa Tomei) and Phil (Tom Everett Scott - Shades!), whose kids aren't allowed to consume sugar, play baseball where every game ends in a tie and rarely hear no. Clearly, they're for a surprise when old-school Artie (Crystal) and Diane (Midler) stop treating them with kid gloves and offer them a dose of real life, bruises and all.

Parental Guidance hits theatres December 25, which is basically the perfect time to sit down with your loved ones and bask in the fact that no one listens to their parents, everyone thinks they know best and Billy Crystal is universally loved, despite last year's Oscars and trying to act hip in front of Tony Hawk (see below). Hiyo!

Check out the new trailer for Parental Guidance.

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