Blade Runner 2049, mother!, Baby Driver and more honoured in our Fan Favourite categories of 2017

Blade Runner 2049, mother!, Baby Driver and more honoured in our Fan Favourite categories of 2017

We love the end of the year because it means making lists upon lists of all of our favourite movie-related things.

Like the rest of the Internet, we're counting down our favourite films, characters, breakout stars, and everything else under the sun. However, some of our favourite things simply defy categorization. Which is why we're taking the opportunity to recognize some cool aspects in film this year that we cherished, and that we think deserve to be put on blast.

We've made some categories of our own and are conducting a little awards ceremony below!

Best use of music: Baby Driver

Edgar Wright orchestrated his own version of a movie musical by choreographing a film about a getaway driver to music. It's nothing short of brilliant in conception, and then add to that the awesome Baby Driver soundtrack that you probably had a hard time getting out of your head after watching the film.

Craziest True Story: The Disaster Artist

Tommy Wiseau is a person from another planet, and the incredible, unconventional success story of his self-made film The Room is re-living a whole new life thanks to The Disaster Artist. The fact that we're still talking about The Room fourteen years after it's minuscule release is something of a miracle, and also an inspirational story that dreams can come true...just maybe not in the way we expect them to.

Best Eating Sequence: A Ghost Story

Only a director as brave as David Lowery could commit five full minutes to a scene that involves Rooney Mara eating a pie. If anyone had anything to say about this movie, it was definitely in regards to the "pie scene". Some love it, some find it boring, but we'd say it's the mark of a filmmaker who will go to lengths to make his point, in a film about a ghost haunting his old home, and being there for even the most mundane, or extraordinary moments.

Most Attractive Monster: *TIE* The Shape of Water and Beauty and the Beast

We don't blame either Sally Hawkins or Emma Watson for falling in love with what many would call a "beast" or a "monster". The two films actually have a lot of parallels...but the main one is that the CGI aquaman played by Doug Jones, and the hairy beast played by Dan Stevens, are both pretty cute.

Best Haircut: Thor: Ragnarok

We didn't know how badly Thor needed a haircut until we saw Chris Hemsworth rock that sexy short do in Thor: Ragnarok. Now if only we could go back and fix his hair in those first two films...

Best Coats: Blade Runner 2049

If anyone rocked a coat this year, it was definitely Ryan Gosling as K in Blade Runner 2049. Hey Ryan, where can we get one of those?

Best Fight Scene: Atomic Blonde

If anyone kicked ass this year, it was Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde. All of her fight scenes were standout, but we'd give the edge to that long one in the stairwell.

Best depiction of social media: Ingrid Goes West

This movie might seem a little over the top in the way it depicts Instagram, but honestly we've never related so much to the portrayal of social media in the movies. This satire is on point in a way that really made us re-evaluate our own social media usage.

The most WTF movie of 2017: mother!

We think mother! deserves special recognition for being the boldest studio film since...ever? While the film is extremely polarizing, we're on the team that thinks this film was one crazy ride that every daring film-goer should embark on.

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