Born in China clips and Life extended look make our daily round-up

Born in China clips and Life extended look make our daily round-up

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Humans have always wanted to find life on other planets, but who said they wanted to be found?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Life, where a group of astronauts discover life on Mars. Although a groundbreaking discovery such as this would be exciting, celebrations are cut very short after this unknown specimen doesn’t take too kindly to human interaction.

Rebecca Ferguson (The Girl on the Train) also stars alongside Reynolds and Gyllenhaal in this action packed space-thriller.

Life hits Cineplex theatres May 24th - Check out the extended sneak peek below:

Born in China

Hope you're ready to endure two hours going "Awwww", because you will be overwhelmed with cuteness in the upcoming animal documentary Born in China.

The Disney Nature documentary follows the life of pandas, golden monkeys and snow leopards just trying to get by while living in the depths of China. It will be an intimate film that will surely leave you in tears; especially with all the cute cuddly fluffy goodness!

Born in China hits Cineplex theatres April 21st - Check out the new clips below:

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